Posted by: mynaturaldiary | October 15, 2018

Those eyes in their helmet

Once again at Café Twitch, a male Sparrowhawk despatching a Wood Pigeon.

Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus)

‘Those eyes in their helmet’, indeed. It’s a quote from the Ted Hughes poem below.


Finally gorged on its meal, it flew away (after a preflight poop to lighten the load a bit).


A Sparrow Hawk

Slips from your eye-corner – overtaking
Your First thought.

Through your mulling gaze over haphazard earth
The sun’s cooled carbon wing
Whets the eyebeam.

Those eyes in their helmet
Still wired direct
To the nuclear core – they’re alone

Laser the lark-shaped hole
In the lark’s song.

You find the fallen spurs, among soft ashes.

And maybe you find him

Materialized by twilight and dew
Still as a listener –

The warrior

Blue shoulder-cloak wrapped about him
Learning, hunched,
Among the oaks of harp.

Ted Hughes

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