Posted by: mynaturaldiary | April 13, 2017

Farndale valley

The entrance to the valley of Farndale from Blakey Ridge shows the vast space of the North York Moors (click on photos for full scale).

On the valley floor, the Blackthorne is in full bloom, making the hedges turn white.

Blakey Ridge looks down on all of this.

But the great glory of Farndale this time of year are the daffodils.

These line the side of the riverbanks.

(see video here).

A great walk, some 3 1/2 miles long runs down the dale, with a river flanked by the daffodils.

In the distance the hills rise

along with this years lambs, close to their mothers.

In the hills, farm houses nestle too.

The valley is very quiet and peaceful.

Depending on where you start, the Daffy Cafe either is close to the start and end, or at the apogee. Among the tea and cakes, Blackbirds look on for scraps.

Blackbird (Turdus merula)

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