Posted by: mynaturaldiary | January 18, 2017

First Song 2017

Song Thrush heard on 18th January. This makes it 28 days from the winter solstice. and well within the normal range of dates recorded by me since 2008.



This year is at the 40%, close to the average at 50% (33 days after the winter solstice). Looking at the trend of these dates, no discernible pattern emerges.


The birds aren’t singing any earlier, year on year.



  1. It appears that the CET record has been adjusted from the 1970’s, due to urban heating and land change.

    “The Met Office relies upon just three weather stations to record the Central England Temperature: Stonyhurst (Lancashire), Pershore (Worcestershire) and Rothamsted (Hertfordshire).

    The Met Office averages these three temperatures and makes a 0.2 degrees C negative adjustment to compensate for the UHI effect.

    The Met Office has made this adjustment since 1974. Bizarrely, they don’t seem to know exactly why 1974 was chosen other than being able to speculate that “It was probably around then that the effects of urbanisation began to be noticed, although this date as chosen may be slightly arbitrary” ”

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