Posted by: mynaturaldiary | May 1, 2016


Whilst the Tour de Yorkshire swept through Castleton

TdY 160501#3047

TdY 160501#3092

TdY 160501#3096

TdY 160501#3115

TdY 160501#3117

TdY 160501#3146

Nature carries on, oblivious to the sights and sounds.

The first of this season’s ants stirs on the bark of a tree close to the cycle race.

TdY 160501#3033

This is probably a Lasius Niger (common black ant). And once the race has passed, walking down the hill, the farmyard geese congregate.

TdY 160501#3178

These are ancestrally Greylag geese, though now domesticated.

By the bridge, sheep cluster with their lambs.

TdY 160501#3186

One poor lamb is separated from its mother and calls for help.

TdY 160501#3181

TdY 160501#3182

It eventually decides on working its way back round the fence which cut it off.

TdY 160501#3189



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