Posted by: mynaturaldiary | April 20, 2013

Little lamb, Who made thee?

To  Farndale, via Castleton, to see the spring daffodils.

First, a sheep watching over her lambs, lying by the side of the road.

130420# (2)

130420# (3)

130420# (4)

Farndale is ‘off the beaten track’, where fields, sheep, stone walls and daffodils hold sway. Also the occasional pub and cafe for the visitor.

130420# (6)

130420# (25)

130420# (26)

Another sheep and lamb await.

130420# (7)

In the dale, daffodils reign supreme this time of year.

130420# (9)

by Cow Bank, they are especially dense on the ground.

130420# (14)

130420# (10)

130420# (11)

130420# (13)

A solitary daffodil is growing among the wild garlic, that will take over the floral display once the daffodils have faded.

130420# (17)

On the fields, by the side of the river was a Pheasant.

130420# (8)

Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

And on the top of the old hedgerow were a Tree Sparrow and a Song Thrush.

130420# (19)

130420# (20)

130420# (21)

Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus)

130420# (22)

130420# (23)

130420# (24)

Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos)

The River Dove runs through the dale, and very pretty it is, too.






Coming away from Farndale, the Moor shows its wide open spaces, with Roseberry Topping appearing like a shark fin against the horizon.

130420# (27)

Back in Castleton, more lambs bathe in the evening sun by the side of the road.

130420# (28)

130420# (1)

More Soon!

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