Posted by: mynaturaldiary | January 27, 2013

Seeking shelter

The Mistle Thrush seeking shelter from our cold snap continues to show well in the estate seemingly named for Twitchers. Where else in the world are there roads called Great Auk & Fulmar Head?

The bird sits in a tree, guarding its patch against the local Blackbirds. Food is a scarce commodity right now.


Only after persisent checking that there are no threats does the Mistle Thrush stir and take advantage of the food on the ground put out especially for it.




It passes green shoots, which gives promise of the Spring to come.


Eventually the bird makes it way to where the grapes are, at the edge of the lawn.




The cold snap we’ve endured is ending, in wet and windy weather. Let’s see if the Mistle Thrush enjoys the local fare, or heads back to its more natural feeding grounds, away in wilder countryside.


Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus)

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