Posted by: mynaturaldiary | July 1, 2012

Trichomonosis in town

It’s a distressing sight to see an adult Greenfinch die of Trichomonosis, but that’s what happened at Cafe Twitch. This is a disease that involves finches in particular.

Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris)

It is especially harmful to Greenfinches, and may have killed a substantial proportion of their UK population. The birds throats become infected with a microscopic parasite, making it hard for them to swallow or breathe. Symptoms are birds showing signs of ill-health, being lethargic, with fluffed up plumage, often regurgitating food, and drooling saliva with wet and matted plumage around the bill. The infection is transmitted in this saliva or regurgitated food. As the protozoa responsible for the disease cannot survive for long periods outside the host, the best coarse of action is to stop feeding at birds feeders for two weeks, and disinfect all feeding points.


  1. […] local population of Greenfinches. I haven’t seen one at home at Cafe Twitch since I found one last summer, dying of this disease. Since then, none. So it was with great pleasure I saw one on the […]

  2. […] were Greenfinch. I haven’t seen any south of the river Tees, since I found one dying on my lawn in 2012. It’s a great […]

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