Posted by: mynaturaldiary | December 3, 2011

South Gare

An afternoon trip to South Gare at low tide brings many delights.

At Paddy’s Hole the boats are moored safely against the winds.

On the headland, gulls raise into the sky as I approach the tidal breakwater.

At the waters edge were Oystercatchers.

Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus)

The Oystercatchers mingle alongside other birds, especially the Bar tailed Godwits.

The Bar tailed Godwits are a delight in the soft evening sun. Their long bills probe the soft sand for morsels.

Their barred tail is especially noticeable when they fly.

Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica)

Once the sun sets behind cloud, their colour seems to change.

Sanderling follow the Godwit, like a class of children following their teacher.

Sanderling (Calidris alba)

Turnstone flash past over the sands, their distinctive wing pattern standing out.

Turnstone (Arenaria interpres)

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