Posted by: mynaturaldiary | October 2, 2011


At this time of the year the skies are filled with the characteristic ‘V’ pattern of geese flying into the RSPB reserve at Saltholme.

Greylag Goose (Anser anser)

A stray Barnacle Goose landed on the reserve.

Barnacle goose (Branta leucopsis)

Also Canadian Geese.

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)

Clouds of Lapwings fill the skies.

Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)

Pintail were on the waters

Pintail (Anas acuta)

A Cormorant sat on a post in the middle of the waters.

Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo)

There were also waders on the reserve. First, a Redshank.

Redshank (Tringa totanus)

Then a Black tailed Godwit.

Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa)

Finally in front of the Phil Stead Hide  a real treat, about 2 to 3 dozen Snipe. Some of these were close in to the hide.

Snipe (Gallinago gallinago)

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