Posted by: mynaturaldiary | August 26, 2011

Long Summer Evenings

A long hot summer evening on , Guisborough Moor  shows the Heather and Red Grouse off to perfection.

First, the Red Grouse.

They wait, clucking their warnings out, until they launch themselves into the air

and fly off to relative safety.

Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus)

They are everywhere along the edge of the Moor. Their explosive energy seems dwarfed by the scale of the Moor.

The Moor, bathed in soft summer evening light, shows its colours off to best advantage.

Highcliffe farm looks so different now to what it did early December.

Captain’s Cooks monument stands clear on top of the Moor.

And Sleddale appears as an oasis of green in the purple of the heather.

After descending off the Moor into Guisborough Woods, the sight becomes one of surrounding hills setting off the sea on the horizon.

Highcliff Nabb is bathed by the setting sun.

The splash of green, this purple flame,
Fantastic beauty such as found,
In some wild walk, done in the round,
Without a care, we thus exclaim.

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