Posted by: mynaturaldiary | December 6, 2010

50, Not out.

There’s an english association between ones age and an innings in cricket, so to reach 50, not out, is cause for celebration. It is also an excuse not to go to work on your birthday, but explore the woods and moors covered in deep snow.

First, into the woods. The trees are bereft of cover, and in the canopy is a bird that I often hear, but do not see.

Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)

The bird is oblivious to me below, and drums into the wood.

I move on up, higher until I reach Highcliff Nab.

Along the side of the nab, the path disappears into deep snow.

At the top are fine views of the setting sun, Guisborough Moor and in the far distance, Captain Cooks monument.

As the sun sets,

Ice crystals in the air refract the sunlight to form a Sundog at 22°C to the setting sun.

You can see the partial rainbow effect, with the right side of the cloud nearest the sun in red, and a bluer tinge to the left side.

A double treat for me as nature affirms 50, not out.


  1. Never mind sun dog. Join the ranks of the old dogs! Happy Birthday. That’s a nice way to remember it.

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